RNG, a South Florida Network Group

The Resource Network Group, a South Florida Network Group, is designed to promote business
in individual categories, both through direct business between club members, and referrals;
to serve the community by promoting business throughout the community.

Our South Florida Network Group offers exposure to honest, high quality businesses, by
offering a congenial atmosphere for business persons to become acquainted with each other’s
services, and integrity, thus better enabling each member to feel confident in referring
persons to other members, and to perform volunteer work and serving the community.

All prospective members must submit an application and are subject to screening for the
quality of their services, their integrity, and their credit, and to better insure that
all members meet the standard to which the club aspires.

We are unlike any networking group you may have encountered presently or in the past. We
do not require a weekly or monthly referral quota to retain your membership, we foster personal
relationships alongside professional and we help you grow not only as a business but as a
person. We’re not your father’s networking group, but an evolving set of businesses who wish
to see your business grow with ours.

For more information on “The Resource Network Group”,
a South Florida Network Group, please contact:

Lynn Stone

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